Dumpo Bins - Plastic Garbage Bins
Commercial Trash Cans
Garbage Bin lifted by Trucks
Garbage truck compatible
Can be lifted by regular garbage truck apparatus
Plastic DustBins with Strong Body
Strong body
Stronger redesigned body-resistant to crack
Smooth inside walls allow easy cleaning & optimum emptying
Plastic Litter Bins
Can be used as litter bins/Trash can
Keeps living and work spaces clean and hygienic (Optional Design)
Easy to Handle Dust Bins
Ergonomic design provides easy grip
Garbage Bins with Rubber Tyres
Reinforced rubber tyres
Made of polypropylene rims and solid rubber tyres on an electro-galvanized axle
Serrations on wheel for anti-skid
Plastic Trash Can with Lid
Specially designed lid
Allows lifting without soiling hands
The unique design prevents entry of rain water
Dustbin with Polythene bag Holder
Poly-bag holder
Provision for hooking polythene bag, for hygienic dumping & disposal
Noise & Impact-Free Dust Bins
Noise & impact-free
Less noise, "Soft Close" lid